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Kajika - Filter & Liquid Application

Kajika Corporation

Many years of sales and field experience brings the most efficient and cost effective solution to the customers. We are dedicated to developing and supplying high quality and cost effective liquid filtration through our various sales channels. Each member of our sales team has in depth knowledge of the industrial processes. For these reasons, we are able to provide reliable solution to your filtration problems in the most cost effective ways. Our commitment to total quality and performance will ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

Kajika Corporation continues to invest in R&D; and spearhead our manufacturing technology. All products are manufactured and inspected under strict quality control to ensure quality integrity. We provide global experience with local solution.

FALA is a trademark of KAJIKA Group. With filter system from Japan, high quality and reasonable price. All products are manufactured and tested under strict quality control to ensure the integrity of quality. Our commitment to quality and overall performance will guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Liquid filter bag

Filter system from Japan

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